Bistro “Punto de reunión “, healthy and fresh

Kitchen hours

Monday to friday 8:30 am to 4:00 pm / Saturday 9:30am to 4:00


Mexican and  International. Vegetarian and Vegan options

We propose

Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch


Coffe, Tea, Fruit juice and Smoothies


From $30 to $250 Pesos per person


* Fruit salade
* Homemade bread with homemade jams
* Hot cakes
* French toast
* Red or green chilaquiles
* Brushettas of tomato and basil
* Avocado and egg toast
* Eggs and Omelette (any style)

* Chicken breast with herbs and salad

* Vegan or chicken enchiladas
* Portobello hamburger with potatoes
* Shrimp aguachile
* Tuna ceviche
* Grilled fish
* Grilled salmon with potatoes and salad


In addition to above dishes you can check our Facebook to know our day’s special dish


Made with homemade bread and served with house potatoes


* El Negociante: lettuce, tomato, avocado, manchego cheese

* El chido: zucchini, pepper, eggplant

* Se gastó: avocado, tuna, egg, lettuce, tomato

* Lo que pasa: chicken and pepper

* La Niçoise: lettuce, green beans, black olives, boiled egg, potatoes, cherry tomato, tuna

* La Punto de Reunión: lettuce, carrot, jicama, beet, avocado, tomato, corn tortilla chips. Chicken Option


* El Flamboyán: lettuce, nuts, potatoes, gorgonzola, apple, mushroom. Chicken Option

* Cold or hot teas
* American coffee and espresso
* Juices
* Fruit drinks
* Smoothies
* Brownie

* Crème brûlée with ice cream

* Apple crumble with ice cream

Bistro, terrace and pool

Enjoy a healthy and fresh menu, and our spaces in your pause and after your course

Chef Amanda Aragón

Chef Amanda offers you a tasty meal, based on fresh products to have a healthy diet with vegetarian, vegan and carnivorous options every day.

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Cooking lessons

Learn the secrets of Mexican cuisine with Amanda

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