About the Spanish School

Created on 2012 by two experienced and passionate language teachers (teaching adults since early 2000), LA CALLE spanish schools follow the CEFR goals (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) with a communicative approach that allows you to learn, speak and improve Spanish quickly and efficiently regardless if you are complete beginner or high advance.

Our Teaching Method

It is talking while we learn! We are always looking for the best way to achieve that all the students speaks as much as possible during the class.

How we do it? Keeping  the interest and motivation of the students by building our Spanish courses around current topics related to culture, society and Mexican and international politics.

In order to improve the Spanish of the students, we use, although to a small extent, listening, written, reading exercises accompanied by a grammatical explanation.

Grammar is just a tool to perfect Spanish, but has not to be an obsession for the students.

At the end we give you a certificate with the level that you have reached (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

We only speak in Spanish

including beginners!!! The immersion program is the most efficient method to learn a language

The correction is important

Teachers will know when to correct to help students assimilate the lesson, to speak correctly and fluently, and to gain confidence.

A comfortable environment

The teacher, as a group moderator, breaks the ice between the students and ensures that there is always respect and tolerance so that everyone feels free to speak and participate.

Our material is rich

In addition to worksheets, we have a vast selection of group dynamics created by our teachers that rely on authentic documents such as radio extracts, newspapers, advertisements, videos, etc.

We recreate real life situations

from interacting in a very simple way with spanish speakers, to express a complex idea with experts from a specific field.

Fun, creative and stimulating class

Our program is built on varied and current topics, games, debates and creative activities.

The Team

The first thing to know about this resplendent place is that it’s not a school...it’s an environment for learning. The physical space feels like a tropical hacienda. I walked in expecting to find desks and blackboards so thought I had the wrong address! I saw bright colors, a swimming pool, a kitchen serving home cooked food!. In this wonderful environment all anxieties or impediments to learn a new language seemed to vanish!. Now comes the best part...the humans who run the place! Young, vibrant, warm, and nonjudgmental...oh yes, and proficient, consummate professionals…

Brian, USA, Television producer

My teachers Miguel and Marisol were gifted in communicating a language to me that had stymied me in the past. They wanted me to succeed and did what they could to make me speak well! The four hours flew by each of the days I was there. I’m still a beginner but now have the confidence I lacked and the key to my future fluency has been found!. One other thing: Agustin, who coordinated my enrollment and seems to be “el jefe” is also a wonderful caring man who kept his eye on my progress. I will surely return to Merida and continue my adventure!

Brian, USA, Producer

Ho frequentato Calle 55 per 4 settimane e sono felice di poterla raccomandare vivamente. L'ambiente è caloroso, informale e pieno di vibrazioni positive. Ho adorato il metodo allegro e confidenziale degli insegnanti, davvero preparati ed amichevoli. Con le loro lezioni mirate ai tuoi obbiettivi ed al tuo livello, sono in grado di far crescere il tuo apprendimento giorno dopo giorno.
Per cui consiglio a chiunque questa scuola se quello che cercate è un'esperienza da non dimenticare!
Voto 10!

Marcello, Italiano, Manager of a restaurant in Disneyland

Was ich besonders an der Schule mag, sind dort die Menschen und das Lehrkonzept, denn sie schaffen es innerhalb kurzer Zeit, dass die Schüler die Sprache ohne Hemmungen sprechen. Und das ist sensationell!! Ich liebe den kostenlosen Kaffee zum Frühstück, das super leckere Essen von der Köchin am Mittag (auch für Vegetarier ist jeden Tag etwas im Angebot) und den Pool in der Schule zum Abkühlen am Nachmittag. Super klasse sind die angebotenen wöchentlichen Nachmittagsveranstaltungen (Stadtführung, Kinofilm mit Untertitel, Koch-Kurs, Tour mit Ruinen, Cenotes und Hacienda, ...). HASTA LA PROXIMA!! Anja

Anja, Alemana, Manager of comunication

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