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Cenotes Mucuyche and Kankirixche and Hacienda in ruin

By 21 September, 2018 No Comments

3rd and 4ht wednesday of the month / from 1 a 6 pm / 3 people min. / $800 Pesos (All  inclusive: cenotes and hacienda)

Don’t forget: swimwear, towel and water

Mucuyche and Kankirixche are absolutely magnificent cenotes and certainly our favorites in Yucatan. In these semi-open and semi-closed cenotes, the sun’s rays make magical light effects. Very popular among the young people of the village, we may be able to see them make impressive dives.

Before returning to Merida, we stop at the abandoned Hacienda of Uayalceh. Do not hesitate to ask Raul for the tragic and fascinating story of the haciendas, their period of glory, their decadence and their practice of slavery.



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