You are currently at home and you want to learn Spanish. We have some tips to help you progress.


1 – Create a routine

Before you start, set your own pace according to your availability, 1 or 2 days a week, it’s up to you. There are advantages to studying Spanish online:


You have the possibility to start whenever you want and choose your own schedule and dates.

2.Choice of courses

Multiple offers are available: in groups, alone, with friends, etc…


You only need to have an internet connection on a tablet, smartphone or computer to access your courses.

2- Courses with the teacher

Do not hesitate to ask your teacher if you have any doubts or questions. Exchange as much as possible to work on your spoken Spanish and introduce the new vocabulary words you have already learned (link to article: learning vocabulary).

3 – Exercises at home

At the end of each session, the teacher can give you small exercises to do again at home. This is the time to take back the notes you wrote during the lesson and to record the vocabulary you have learned. If you need to, you can copy them to make it easier to remember.

4 – Series, movies, advertising and video platforms

If you like to watch series or movies, watch as many as you want with activated Spanish subtitles.

The short films are accessible on all video platforms (example :YouTube).

Commercials are a good way to assimilate the language because they are short and very visual.

5 – Set goals

Set goals each week to progress. At the beginning, motivate yourself to recite the numbers up to 100 and then the following week up to 1000. You will be proud of your progress.

Calle Spanish School accompanies you to deepen your knowledge with online Spanish courses. We offer you a wide range of formulas to help you progress.

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