Here are 3 tips that LA CALLE Spanish School gives you to learn Spanish more effectively by memorizing vocabulary quickly.


I. Avoid learning vocabulary lists out of context


If You want to master the language in a useful way in your everyday life do not learn random word
Indeed, it is very complicated to memorize vocabulary in the form of a list. For example the
vocabulary list of cooking (glass, knife, fork, etc.). It’s easier if you do a sentence in context. For
example; I eat with a knife and a fork, I cut with a knife, I drink water in a glass …

Assimilating words that you will not use will waste your time. So it is not very useful to know at the
beginning how we say, for example “pillowcase” in Spanish !!

In the same way if you want to learn Spanish in a professional context, focus on vocabulary related to
your profession. If you want to travel to a Spanish-speaking country, focus on the specific words “to
book a hotel room, ask for prices and the restaurant’s vocabulary.

II. How to review your vocabulary more effectively?


At the end of your Spanish course, allow yourself an hour of rest. Then scrupulously follow these 4
steps and you will see that you will memorize the learned Spanish vocabulary faster.

1. Before looking at your notes, do a little exercise to boost your memory: remember the last topic of
conversation in your Spanish class, the new vocabulary words that came out and write them down.
Go back to the very start of the course. So you will “build up” this primordial organ to learn a new
language, memory!

2. Take your notes and compare the words you remembered with those you wrote down during your
lesson. For the vocabulary you wrote down but can’t remember, try to remember the context in
which they were used in class. To memorize them, write 3 sentences that contain this word with
different contexts.

3. At the end of the day, take 5 minutes and review your notes. Make a list of the words that you
think are essential to remember at the Spanish learning phase you are in right now.

4. The next day, make sure you use this word list in class.

III. Practice the language


There is no secret in learning a language, you have to practice it, this will allow you to improve your
level and maintain the knowledge acquired.
You can do a language exchange with a Spanish speaker. These new meetings will give you fluency,
confidence, you will practice your vocabulary and you will be able to exchange regularly in Spanish.

And if you want to fully immerse yourself in the country to learn the language and live the Mexican
style, let yourself be tempted by the experience offered by La Calle Spanish School.

Now that you have all the cards in your hands, don’t be afraid to get started.

Buena suerte!!!!

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